Airline Flight No. From Status Real
MS MS 709 CAIRO Arrived 11:11
RJ RJ 401 AMMAN Arrived 11:20
IA IA 131 BAGHDAD   11:30
QR QR 416 DOHA Arrived 11:21
IA IA 137 ERBIL Arrived 10:56
KU KU 501 KUWAIT Arrived 12:06
G9 G9 385 SHARJAH   12:30
TK TK 824 ISTANBUL   14:15
ME ME 425 RIYADH   14:15
ME ME 405 KUWAIT   14:15
AF AF 564 PARIS   14:20
Dial N0"150" from any fixed telephone or cellular network and get the Flight Information through the Interactive Voice Response System of Beirut-RHIA more..
Passengers are kindly requested to be at the airport at least 3 hours before Departure.more..
Wireless Internet Access (WIFI) is available to passengers at BRHIA (Free of charge) for half hour daily (30 minutes /24 H)more..
Passengers coming to Lebanon are not allowed to carry fresh fruits and vegetablesmore..
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